Saturday, September 20, 2014

Antwerp-Brussels-Paris-La Havre in < a Week

I whipped through France and Belgium over the past week.  Seeing old friends and new and photographing copious numbers of allotment and community gardens.  I spent a bit over 24 hours in Antwerp, 24 hours in Brussels, 24 hours in Paris, and 24 hours in La Havre, with a bit of travel time in between…  

It was slightly nuts, I realize, but actually quite remarkably productive.  The weather was perfect for photographing gardens and I feel like I'm finally getting into the groove and seeing the gardens with fresh eyes again.  Actually, during time on ship I even managed to reorganize my garden photographs a bit, to make them a bit more approachable:  And I'm looking forward to developing all these sheets of film that I'm collecting and scanning them on my return.  I have lots of interesting new material.

Despite all the large format work I've been doing, I do still have some digital snaps to share with you too…  though given the blazing pace of travels, I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with a flow for this blog, so bare with me please.

I stayed with Amaury in Paris, who seems to be adapting quite well to life in the metropolis:

And Rokko in Brussels, who can still use a cell phone despite injuring his texting finger:

A rock garden with trash in Honfleur..

Kisses for Oscar Wilde:

Mattress in first morning light:

Delicate Carnivore:

I went to the beach with my students…

More time spent on a boat:

Antwerp's cathedral by night:

And Antwerp's cathedral by day:


Found sculpture exhibition...


Fun guy:

Fun guys:

It doesn't quite fit, does it:


Old world:


Productive morning…

Mmmm…  Belgian beer is gooooood:

And French food…

A surprising hand:

Where people are buried:

Cycling in Paris is fun, but chaotic:

Fashion week was happening, or so I'm told by my students…

Alley in Honfleur:



More Carnivores...

Lines and badly printed photos:

Spinning granite ball:

So yeah, that was my France and Belgium.  Next stop is Ireland.  Yahoo...

Friday, September 12, 2014

Two Days in Poland, Two Days in Germany

Well I'm really going to need to get used to the fast pace of the Semester at Sea travel schedule, since I'm used to spending at least a week if not a month or a year to many of the places I have traveled to.  We had our shortest stays of the voyage in Gdansk, Poland and Rostock, Germany.  A mere 48 hours to roam these two cities.  I did manage to take some garden photographs in each port, and also some other snaps…  The garden photos are waiting in my refrigerator on big sheets of 5x7 film, for my return to the USA, so you won't be able to see those until December, and I won't either.  But I can share some of the other snaps now...

It's my first time on the Baltic Sea, and this is about the best time of year to visit the Baltic…  When the waters have been warmed by the short summer, though autumn is on its way.  In the port of Rostock, jellyfish were incredibly abundant:

Floral explosion in a nearby garden, of a plant that I can't, for the life of me, figure out what part is photosynthesizing:

Staying in ports allows a view of parts of cities that I normally don't spend much time in… And an odd view into the world of international shipping.  

The most beautiful cooling tower I've ever seen was in Rostock…

Here is is with a rainbow:

Gull and cooling tower at breakfast:

Cooling tower by moonlight:

Okay, enough with the view from my window in Rostock, lets see some other shipping views.  This huge cargo ship was being loaded with some kind of mineral in Gdansk:

Container ship at sea:

Swans and baby swans in Gdansk:

Morning with a swan:

Wolf tree and piles of stuff:

Jelly fish stream:

I really like this image, and the illusion I managed to create.  What's going on with the perspective of these steps?!  Why aren't they getting much narrower as they recede?!

One glowing cube and four in shadows:

My guide to the gardens of Gdansk, Ania:

Some other quirky images from these parts…

Adam at the faculty/staff 80's night:

Janet having a Titanic moment in beautiful sun drenched light:

They're really serious about their fish sandwiches in Rostock, Germany:

I prefer currywurst.  It's my embarrassing addiction whenever I'm in Germany:

This little guy was extremely curious...

Another garden creature:

"It's not a real tattoo."

Sunrise, in focus and out of focus:

A very intense tour guide demanded that I take this photograph:

My students seemed more interested in this:

Out of focus pixel painting makes out of focus face:

Back in the Communist era housing solutions, my favorite kind of neighborhood:

Counter weight:


Under the pipes:

Fence with moiré:


Nightlife near the boat:


Vampires live in Gdansk, or so I'm told...

Bring on Belgium and France!  Yahoo.