Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Autumn Exhibitions...

In conjunction with the launch of my book, Ornithological Photographs, I have a number of exhibitions floating about.  And some not related to the bird photos at all.  I've finally started to dig myself out from my pile of 'to-dos' related to book, new baby, and the autumn semester...

Here's the show that was up at Siena Heights University in September:

And this show was up at Maryland Hall for Creative Arts, it's a two person show, with my contributions being from a new body of work I'm calling Tertiary Objects...   the other person in she show was my friend Matthew Moore, and it includes a collaboration that we call Rose Window and another we call Humanities Inc.  The show was called Analogous, reflecting on the changes to photography that have been ushered in by the digital age. We try to blend both critical and sentimental considerations of the past and present state of the photographic medium:

Here's the line up for 

Ornithological Photographs Exhibition at Siena Heights University
Adrian, Michigan - August 27th-September 24th
with a closing reception and signing on September 24th - 5:00-7:00.  Details here.

Analogous Exhibition, a collaboration with Matthew Moore
at Maryland Hall for Creative Arts, Annapolis, MD from September 10th-October 27th
with an opening reception and signing on September 17th, 5:30-7:00.  Details here.

Ornithological Photographs Exhibition at Daylight Project Space
Hillsborough, NC - September 25th-October 26th
with an opening reception on September 25th from 6:00-8:00.

Ornithological Photographs Exhibition at BAYarts
in Bay Village, Ohio - November 6th-30th
with an opening reception on November 6th - 7:00-9:00
and artist talk and book signing on November 28th - 2:00-4:00

Ornithological Photographs Exhibition at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

in St. Mary's City, MD - November 2nd-18th
with an opening reception and signing on November 2nd.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Blue is True Blue

As many of you know, since about 2010, I've been working on a series of studio-based explorations considering how we observe and think about landscape, that I called 44% Blue.  As an expecting father, I imagine I'll be spending more time close to home and less in the field, so I have every intention of developing this project even more in the coming years...  And I think I'm becoming more and more playful at how I approach making these images.  But I'll let you be the judge of that.  I have just recently added my summer's work to my website.  But here are a few highlights...

I scanned and reprinted a Walker Evans landscape until it became a flat gray form:

And covered an old computer screen with oil to create a trippy fossil fuel based sunset, inspired by the so called "Staingate" and the new Yosemite operating system:

I uncovered a series of cyanotypes made by my great-great-grandmother, and contextualized them as the first screens...

I made a fence of my own, out of margins and moiré:

I tried to make a horizontal world in my scanner, with a rare sideways rainbow, in celebration of the Supreme Court's recent decision:

X Marks the spot, penetrating a landscape with crisscrossed focal planes digitally stitched together:

Aside from that, I've been working on making prints for several exhibitions and doing work on promoting my upcoming book!  Lots of news on that coming very soon!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Update and Revert

Since 2008, I've kept a monthly blog of my photographic work, documenting my travels and my daily life and my other projects.  But due to changes in my personal life, lifestyle, and working methodology, I'm tightening up my online presence a bit.  Rather than finding these regular updates on my blog, you can find these images on Instagram or Facebook.

You can also find many of the images from Postmodern Nomad in my project Untitled Re:Iterations, featuring a wide range of images that I made between 2000-2014.  And yes, I'm still taking more photographs than I know what to do with, which I'm developing into a new series in the same spirit, that I'll be sharing soon.

In the meantime, I'll be using this space to share news about exhibitions, events, and publicity related to my photographic work.

Thanks for checking in.  More to come soon...


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well, after the relative freedom of my Semester-at-Sea, things are full throttle back here in the US of A.  This semester, I am teaching four classes (eek) and have been planning and prepping for the publication of my book of Ornithological Photographs, which involved rescanning and dusting fifty-six images and working with writers, editors, and designers.  It has been an excellent experience, can't wait to show y'all the book in Steptember.

Also, in January I finally produced a small book of more casual photography in the beginning of the year, that spans fifteen years of work.  So it's been a good four months for teaching, and four producing old work.   But this means that I've had less time and head space to produce new work over, and thus the blog has been thin...  Sorry.  Rare emoticon use:  :(

One of those things I'm dying to work on again is my project 44% Blue.  Can't wait to kick it into high gear this summer, but I did move forward on one piece when I had a free day (well, I should've been grading)...  I made it in my scanner, with lots of gels and liquids and other lights peaking in, and a blank sheet of film that had been resting on the floor of my car for a year-and-a-half building up scratches.  I call it A Flat Wet World.  Notice that on that flat world even the double rainbow is flat:

Aside from that, I have embarrassingly little to show you in terms of new images made over the past few months.  Which makes me feel a bit like this dilapidated pumpkin:

There were some lovely moments of ice and snow this winter that I did manage to photograph:

But thank goodness spring has arrived, I'm so happy:

Strange spiraling tree knot:

Odd architecture at the oldest European settlement in Maryland:

Even odder architecture, also in Maryland but much more new:

Lines and clothes pins:

Baby icicles at my home:

Jaime's hair looks much more blue and pink when it isn't photographed with black and white film...

Trash arranged:

Drainage ditch and spring's moss:

Statue of Liberty from Red Hook:

Power cables and vapor trails:

Pathetic tree with monumental marker:

Sam thinking deeply:

Bent board:

Blue grid (frozen):

I wish there was more you, but in two weeks classes are done, and in four weeks I submit the bird book, and after that I am going to kick it for real and work on some new stuff!  YAHOO.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Slightly Delayed Look Back at 2014

Thus far 2015 has been so busy that it is half way through February before I've had a chance to look back through my old photos and sort out how 2014 was photographically productive for me.  Certainly it was a year of profound change and progress in my life, both professionally and personally.  For example, I got married, certainly the most exciting bit of news.  I also spent time in 18 different countries: USA, Japan, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, England, Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Brazil, Barbados and Cuba.  Which was awesome.

But first I want to mention a few other bits of news...

I've just finished production of my limited edition artist book Untitled Re:Iterations this week...  I've only printed 100 copies of this book, which basically looks back at 15 years of my photography (well, a certain part of my photography, the addictive part where I can't put the camera down and I photograph everything that interests me).  The book is 198 pages and contains more than 600 photographs from six continents, many of them have appeared on this blog over the past several years, but many of them have not.  You can take a look at some of those images and buy the book via my website.  Here's a snap of the book:

2014 was also quite a big year for my Ornithological Photographs.  I finished photographing for that project when I was in Brazil in November, and also worked on it in Mexico last January.  Those photographs are going to be published in a monograph this autumn, by Daylight Books.  Right now, twelve photos from that series are up in Charlotte, NC at The Light Factory.  I'm also fundraising for the book, and very actively seeking exhibition and book signing opportunities starting September of 2015.  Take a look on my website or contact me for details.  Here are a few highlights from my last year of photographing birds in mist nets:

Blue Manakin

Brown-backed Solitaire

Black-headed Nightingale-thruth

Green Kingfisher

Violet-crowned Hummingbird

I got married at the end of last July, and this is certainly the most profound and exciting change in my life.  Part of the reason I put out the book of travel photos as well as finished up the bird photos is that I'm moving on to this new phase in my life.  I probably won't be traveling as much as I did in my 20's and early 30's, but I'm very excited about nesting.  It is also leading to a change in my work, where I'm spending more time making images in the studio.  This year, 2015, I plan to really dig into my ongoing series I call 44% Blue...  I wasn't able to work on it for much of last year, because I was traveling so often.  But here are a few recent highlights from the project during the months I was at home...

Like this photograph of a photograph on my iPhone covered with water droplets (that turn into little microprisms) during a misty rainy day:

Or this photo on a calm day, where I made a wave by photographing onto a curved piece of film, so the image actually ends up having two separate focal planes (it's more obvious in larger prints):

Each square in this Bayer pattern is the same size as a pixel at the highest resolution of publicily available USGS (Google Earth) satellite imagery...  Which would make some strange interference if the sculpture was actually photographed by said satellite:

That project is really delving into the world of video too.  Make sure to take a look at these videos from the project here: 

Reconciling Idealized Form and Perfected Value

Breathe: Self and the Horizon

So, on to the next project then!  Rapid fire today.  While traveling I dug back into my series of photographs of urban and community gardening, that I call Post-industrial Edens.  I photographed a lot of new places in Europe and got to return to Cuba, after a seven year hiatus!  Definitely hoping to head back there in 2015/2016...  And I am also trying to start photographing more gardens in Japan at some point soon.  But here're a few of my favorites from 2014...

One from Cuba, with amazing lush lettuces and a classic Cuban car:

This odd structure looming of an abandoned allotment garden in Belgium was actually an artificial ski slope...  But it looks more like an odd bridge to nowhere when photographed from this angle:

Another allotment garden in Belgium, albeit a bit more Banal:

This Cuban gardener was a great guy.  He gave me oranges, he liked to restore classic cars, and he had lots of party slogans and posters hanging around the garden:

In Grosseto, Italy...  An allotment garden in the heart of Tuscany:

All right, so on with some other shots...  That don't fall into any of these relatively clearly defined projects, but maybe that makes them even more interesting. 

It's a bit daunting to organize these images, so I'll just try to go roughly chronologically.

Two medium format photos from Japan:

Lawrence and a light on my birthday:

Spiky flowers in Florida...

A bold bird:

Darkroom sculpture:

Another Paper Towel:

Colliding patterns at the airport:

Post in a tree:

Guinea Fowl with her babies trekking across the landscape:

Freedom, the morning after we got married...

Another dog on a beach, in Trinidad and Tobago:

In the mountains:

Baby turtle rescue patrol:

Still life with cone and hole in the afternoon sun:

A hollow way, near Axminster, UK:

Church of Spilled Blood, in St. Petersburg:

Woman taking an art selfie in front of a Rembrandt:

Flowers in Gemany:

A still life with cube and hole in Belgium:

An Antwerp street scene:

Hound dog in Ireland:

Dedicated to St. Brigid:

At the bottom of her well:

Lisbon, Portugal is full of stairways:

Covered car in Lisbon, after Frank...

Street scene in Imlil, Morocco:

Hanging out with the Goat Man drinking mint tea:

Bugs in Tuscany:

A voyage across the ocean:

Street scene in Porto Allegre, Brazil:

Alejandra and the Cotingas...

A burst of water in Barbados:

Esley drinking Cuban coffee late at night:

A found painting in Havana:

The orange peeler and the Mercedes:

And a few from Tertiary Objects...  Here's a moth wing:

Infinity knot:

A cold place to sleep:

And an inviting tomato...

And some portraits of Mika as my 2014 finale...

Mika and I spent the start of last year in the mountains of Japan.  Here's her on our morning walk on January 1st, 2014:

Mika at night on the turtle beach in Trinidad and Tobago:

Mika with snake around her neck in Morocco:

Mika with big golden box:

Mika in Kimono before rehearsal dinner:

Two photographs of Mika photographing large animals:

Bring it on, 2015: