Friday, October 24, 2014

Rome if you want to and Barcelona's very Gaudí

When I last left off we were cruising into the Mediterranean Sea, on route to Rome.  We snuck between Sardinia and Corsica, ending up at the port of Civitavecchia, which is just outside of Rome.  Now I'm on route to Rio, Brazil!  Fourteen days at sea, here I come...

Here's as close as I got to Sardinia, to be added to the list of places that I've seen but not yet set foot on:

Italy had been on that list as well, until last week.  I was happy to remedy that, as the Italian countryside is pretty miraculous:

Rome's pretty excellent too…  A miraculous old city still full of beautiful green spaces and centuries of history opening up before you…

Maybe I should've spent a bit more time being a tourist, but instead I spent a good bit of it photographing gardens:

I'm going to have loads and loads of film to develop when I get back to the States…  And whole new portfolios to share after this incredible voyage.

But back to Italy—where the food and gelato was AMAZING:

Sunset on the way back from a day of shooting in Tuscany:

Near the tombs:

A clash of old and new:

I spent a lot of time walking, but was thankful I didn't have to walk up these steps:


I love grids as they get pulled apart...

Or overlap...

I think I might do a whole series of photographs of fences and screens when I get back…

What I saw when I looked down:

Insect constellation:

My new friends from the train with their selfie stick…

A found garden:

And two found paintings:

The seasons seemed confused in one city park:

Italia distilled:

I hung out with my colleagues a bit more…  Like Dani:

We hadn't seen enough of the sea, so we chartered a sail boat for a day out of Barcelona:

Sticking your feet in the water while under the power of the wind isn't something one can experience on a cruise ship, but it's a wonderful physical experience of the sea that sail boats allow:

For some, the choppy sea was a bit much:

But the winds were good and it was a lovely day...

Sun and gluten free beer:

Jessica even took a picture of me…

Megan looking very fierce:

And Emily, full of bliss…

I've been trying to take a lot more street photos during this trip, as I feel it's one of my photographic weakness but it's also one of the things I'm most attracted by when visiting new cities:

So many of mine still seem so formal, I really need to loosen up...

This scene was pretty irresistible...

Another roadside sighting…

I couldn't get enough of all the Gaudí in Barcelona, which seems to be in a constant state of construction:


It's amazing to just be walking through Barcelona and happen upon one of his buildings...

And see signs that the space is inhabited by normal people doing normal things...

The details are diving:

Zig Zag…

Also in Barcelona...

I've played with my underwater camera a bit more too, I think I'm getting the hang of it a bit better:

Well, fourteen days at sea for me…  Then off to Brazil!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.

Last week we stopped at our one African port during this voyage: Casablanca, Morocco.  It was my first time in Africa, actually, which was quite exciting.  And, despite the romance surrounding Casablanca due to the film, I decided to head a bit deeper right away…  Hoping on a train to Marrakech and then a car up to Imlil, a village in the High Atlas Mountains, before getting back in said car to spend a night in Marrakech before getting back into the train to head back to Casablanca…  So, sorry Humphrey, Mika and I dashed out of your town fairly quickly.

The train ride was packed, due to the Eid-Al-Adha, so we got to know several Moroccans very quickly, by being crammed into a train with them.  The windows where dusty but it was a good way to get a feeling for the Moroccan landscape: 

We rode past goat herds and sheep herds and cactus farms…  Freshly planted prickly pear:

And past loads of beautiful little villages:

We got crammed into the train with some of my colleagues, who are trying to make the best of three plus hours of standing:

After Lee:

On the road from Marrakech, I took my second photograph of Mika photography a large mammal in the past two months:

It was a beautiful but somewhat confusing drive up to the mountains, and we arrived late after dark, only to find that our hotel was still a bit of a hike up the valley, inaccessible by automobile:

The views of the mountains are quite spectacular:

I need to spend more time in mountainous landscapes, it was such a lovely change of pace compared to all the horizons and waves I've been seeing lately...

Moroccan homes, or riads, are often full of fabulous balconies and courtyards…  Looking down:

And Imlil is a quirky village in a valley in the mountains inhabited by Berbers…  There are fabulous walnut trees growing and apple trees growing throughout the town, and goats and sheep all over.  The river through town is mostly dry this time of year, full of boulders and old building projects...

 Donkeys are the most reliable form of transportation...

And the High Atlas Mountains loom above the village:

It's bustling, and though the walnuts and agriculture seem to be an important part of the economy and lifestyle, tourism is certainly the most substantial money maker in the village...

Ohh, they also grow argan oil nearby, which you might have used to wash your hair:

Mika with a goat man, part of the Eid-Al-Adha celebrations…

Hollow way on route down from our hotel:

Complicated cell phone charging sculpture:

In Marrakech, our first stop was a garden that was restored by Yves Saint Laurent...

Another homage to Robert Frank:

The Medina, or old walled city of Marrakech is an amazing place full of thin passageways, back alleys, and mystery:

It's normally not as quiet as the photos above, more like this, where you're constantly dodging motorcyclists and pedestrians and being asked if you want to buy this or that:

This young lad claimed to be Barack Obama's son:

Moroccan eyes are watching you:

There's lots of fresh fruit….

And the food is absolutely incredible, like this eleven part salad:

The central square in Marrakech is absolutely wild, full of snake charmers and other strange attractions...

Mika, being a good sport after one of the snake charmers wrapped a snake around her neck:

Toursists and locals mingle:

The Medina after nightfall is even more mysterious and confusing than it is in daytime:

Alley, with pomegranate and ornate door:

Fountain with two goldfish:

From the rooftop cafe at Marrakech's historic photography collection:

Mika, with new hat (from Portugal) and new necklace (from Morocco):

Next was back to port...

And off to sea…

And through the straights of Gibraltar: 

To Rome and then Barcelona.  More soon.  XO, Todd.