Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finals Days of Singularity

Well, I get married today.  Just a few hours from now, in fact.  And that's only a part of the news that's ahead for over the next few weeks and month.  Tectonic shifts are happening in my life and lifestyle, and I'm excited about all of them:

1.) I am getting married to a fabulous, wonderful, beautiful, incredible, intelligent, and kind woman.

2.) Shortly after getting hitched, I'm heading to sea for three-and-a-half months.  No, I didn't join the Navy, instead I'm teaching aboard Semester at Sea.  This will involve visiting 16 different countries as well as a trans-Atlantic crossing.  You can read about it here on this blog--I'll be updating regularly.

3.) As I begin this new chapter in my life, I'm also closing a few other chapters...  including two photographic projects.  As a capstone for these projects, I'm publishing a couple of books:  
  • I'm in final negotiations with a publisher to produce a book of my Ornithological Photographs, and I'm starting to ramp up fundraising to help offset the insanely expensive costs of publishing a photography book.  Help me make this book possible HERE.  With the hopeful release date of autumn 2015.
  • I'm also working on a self-published artist book of my series Untitled Re:Iterations.  This sprawling narrative of my past ten plus years as a photographer uses my daily journal of photographs as building blocks, weaving through my life in the USA, Mongolia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Australia, New Zealand, etc. etc. etc...  The grand finale for this portion of the journal is this crazy Semester at Sea voyage, gathering the final few images for this book.  All told, it'll contain about 400 images from 6 continents... with production limited to 250 copies.  You can order that HERE too.  I hope to have this ready around the end of this year.

But now back to what you really came here for, my month's photographs...

I had a bachelor party.  Unlike the traditional 'stag party' this one had more in common with a 'hen party' (which is what the Brits call bachelorette parties).  Because there were lots of hens running around the farmhouse which my friends rented for the event.  It was up in the mountains, where we spent the time cooking and hiking.  This lone rooster seemed emblematic of the event...

Above, is a box turtle and a daisy... I should've photographed the turtle with a bit more intent.

Below is a very juicy heirloom tomato, a new addition to Tertiary Objects...  I'm kind of amazed, actually, at how much this image looks like the things I was trying to paint the last time I was painting (which was about ten years ago now).  Also, I'm amazed at how insanely sexual fruit can be; a la Weston and his pepper:

This incredible double rainbow was the subjects of my first successful iPhone panorama...  We'll see how it stands up to the forthcoming medium format photos of it, which are still at the lab.

On the porch with two wasps and a broken flute:

I don't remember where this hallway was...  Maybe Bushwick, I think...

I do remember where this stain was...

Grippy socks, a bit of color in a drab place:

Best last name ever:

Squished and torn:

Green toothpick:

Measured tree:

HA, we actually got legally married last week! Tonight is just the celebratory ceremony, as opposed to the legal ceremony...

Documenting a freak storm late night with the new old lens I got to make videos:

Guinea fowl with BABIES (the cutest part of my bachelor party):

Look at the weird three headed baby on the right side of the frame...

Dorito sculpture, it seemed like a better idea than eating them:

Shelf covered in plastic:

Rough draft for a photo that'll have to wait until winter:

Fly and candle:

One of the coolest things about getting married is all the great kitchen stuff that people want to give us, I now have more so much stuff in my kitchen, it's marvelous.  I heart registries.

One thing that comes along with Mika are all her books:

Last selfie as an unmarried man:

So, next time I write it'll be full of photos from my wedding and my honeymoon...  Probably in Mid-August, before I heard to sea!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June Blog ≈ June Blug ≈ June Bug

June has been full of bugs.  Insects and non-insects.  The low point of said insects being the three ticks that were rude enough to bite me, and the high point being the field next to my home that was absolutely jam packed with fire flies.   Lightning bugs as we call them back home.  Here they are:

This moth wing was another high point of the month's insect invasion...

Matthew got bit by more ticks than I did ... 18.  

I also cleaned up shop down at SMCM for the summer, as of last Thursday I'm on summer break!!!  Yahoo. The most difficult part of clean up was helping newly graduated uber student Sam Didonato clean his darkroom; a space that has been like a second home to him for the past four years.  Here's the one bit of Sam, a floral still life, that remains in the space:

A few more floral surprises this month...

Lone dandelion in Baltimore:

Violets in concrete (Annapolis)...

Complicated Space:


They turned the door into glass, so you can see the bright green hillside beyond it:

Leaky pen:

Lone strawberry in cardboard:

From the drier:

Accidental success:

Accidental Success II:

Three bulbs of different colors:

Another Polaroid:

Bark, falling apart and being held together:

This pup has been through a lot, and now he relishes life:

Real leaves, shadows of leaves, dead leaves, plastic leaves, and carved leaves

I don't know what happened here:

Or here...

Philosopher's chair...

That's all for June.  More soon, from my month off!!!  Ohh yes, and next time I write, I'll be married...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tangled Up in May

May was busy so this'll be a quick blog post.

Vines vines vines.  I tripped over this vine that was tangling across the kitchen floor at the artist house:

Faux vines mix with real vines in a garden on the Upper East Side:

More faux vines and real vines:

Old holes fence posts with new hole from Pileated Woodpecker:

Luna moth...

She was hanging out on the boardwalk...

Paper towels (after Richter):


Bedazzled and boxed:

No Officer, It's Not a Pipe (after Magritte)

Mika Punches Blue Balls:

Floating carnivorous plant island:

Assorted brooms:

No comment:

Megan after being thrown into a pond:

Strange soap wear:

Mika getting ready for a fancy dinner...

So that's it for this month.  Short but sweet.  Summer is here.